Lip Sync For Your Lifeboat
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Lip Sync For Your Lifeboat
"I still find glitter in random places that remind me of just how much fun I had."
Cale A.
Webster, MN
Kesha Cruiser

Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride was, indeed, so weird and so #$@&%*! wonderful; I can’t believe it was the first cruise I’ve ever been on! My favorite moment on board was of course winning the Lip Sync For Your Lifeboat contest! Going into it, I was super nervous because I had no idea what to expect and I knew that I was about to be on stage in front of the ENTIRE boat, including Kesha herself. Like what?! Craziness! I also had no idea if people were going to understand who the heck [my costume represented] as I was prancing around on stage. But alas, as soon as I flung that huge ponytail around, the cheering from the audience reassured me that they knew I was paying homage to the iconic Tonya Harding.

I really felt so much love from the audience and I tried to give it back even harder by giving them a show they would never forget. Funny enough, in doing so, I forgot most of what I had planned for my performance. My body went into auto pilot...and I had the time of my life! I mean, how could you not have fun shaking your butt in a tight blue leotard while swinging a foam crowbar over your head in front of an entire cruise ship?!

Overall, this was hands down the best vacation I’ve ever had and one I’ll never forget. In fact, I still find glitter in random places that remind me of just how much fun I had. Huge thank you to Kesha, her team, Sixthman and everyone on board for cultivating and creating a safe space to party like a rockstar and really just let my freak flag fly. 

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