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Introducing Behind The Seas: The Official Sixthman Podcast

Introducing Behind The Seas: The Official Sixthman Podcast

Since 2001, Sixthman has set the stage for moments that make life rock, serving over 300,000 guests unforgettable vacations on sand and at sea with their favorite artists, athletes, actors, comedians and brands. We're excited to introduce you to Behind The Seas, a podcast created by the Sixthman crew to give you a glimpse into event life, on land and at sea. Get ready to dive in headfirst as we share stories that reflect on where we've been and where we're going, and get to know our incredible team in the process!

In the first episode, we're kicking it off with none other than the founder and Chairman of Sixthman, Andy Levine. In this interview, Andy shares how his idea for a floating music festival at sea came to be, what the early days looked like for the company, and the latest festival experience he’s now cultivating in Miramar Beach, Florida, Moon Crush. 

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Want to dive deeper? Here are some of the things mentioned in our first episode: