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Artist Relations Specialist


Build healthy relationships and marketing strategies with Artists, Managers, Agents, and Sixthman to guide artists through the strategy, development, and execution of 4-6 events a year. Engage community of artists and guests to maximize the impact on events and develop character to share internally and externally.


Organized, Proactive, Supportive, Creative, Action Oriented, Data Driven, Innovator


· Guide and support any lesser experienced Artist Relations team members on administrative duties and process

· Serve as Artist Relations and Marketing liaison to a defined set of booked artists performing on Sixthman events, working closely to ensure selected bands are fully supported with all necessary information, plans and materials for the event from booking through event execution.

o Develop and foster relationships with Artist teams with higher value and greater responsibility artists and partners (including management, booking agent, press, label, associated brands, etc.) by communicating event information regularly to earn trust and familiarity and to ensure artists feels informed.

o Develop a set of expectations for support artists as to what to expect during each phase of their events including any key dates for decisions on activities and/or marketing.

o Guide artists through timelines for the launch, flight and execution phases of an event, balancing the importance of the relationship with the priorities to move the event forward

o Develop a strategy for identifying growing artists and making recommendations for lineups

o Develop and execute plans for onboard collaborations in conjunction with the Core Event teams and Talent Buying.

· Maintain Internal Content Management Systems, artist related Basecamp timelines, and event Spotify playlists

o Maintain billing for events, assure all artist related materials, digital and print, are promoted properly

o Maintain close interaction with Partner Relations on headliner needs on a host event.

o Coordinate with PR/Marketing/Warrior to inform media, guests, and prospective guests about our artists and events

· Create and activate a defined set of marketing services to provide to a set tier of artists

o Leverage a HERO/REACH matrix to uncover the types of marketing services Sixthman can best provide. Help build the bundles of services to deliver and follow through with the artists to determine results generated

o Analyze initial social media response following event announcements and make proactive recommendations to maximize the impact of similar announcements in the future

o Develop artist event webkits for Sixthman’s advance portal, including a social media plan

o Monitor Artist Marketing compliance (Website, Newsletters, Socials, Tour Presence, etc) tracking top and bottom performers and motivating underperformers

o Coordinate Artist giveaways and contests (cabins, swag, trivia, tickets, etc)

o Identify key opportunities to develop artists within event communities and the Sixthman community

o Identify key artist tour dates for event promotion. Help with logistics to get promotional materials to artists with internal team to place promotional materials with artists on tour

o Maintain artist event activity lists across all events

· Assist Artist Relations team with Sixthman Sessions - in office, at sea, and abroad

· Work multiple Sixthman music festivals at sea and resort events annually, performing various event duties with the goal of delivering a world class experience to guests, artists, and partners


· Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience)

· 4+ years of experience preferred, music, entertainment industry background a plus

· Experience with social media, video production, and Adobe programs skillset a plus

· Must have good verbal, written and interpersonal skills

· Strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities

· Excellent organization skills and ability to multitask

· Ability to work under pressure and adapt to changes or challenges

· Computer proficiency (Email, Word, Google, and strong Excel skills)


Focus is on assisting Artist Relations Team on set actions, projects, priorities - via close collaboration with Sixthman artists and teams. Proactive work done to uncover opportunities for artist participation/exposure by use of research, tracking, process, and overall informed recommendations based on insights found


Artist Relations Supervisor




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