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Welcome home! We hope your vacation was one you want to relive again. Or maybe you are still on the ship plotting living on The Rock Boat forever while ignoring your ship steward knocking the door? In that case, you may want to answer the door. In either case, it sounds like you are ready to register for your next adventure! ANCHOR DOWN with us now!  

What is Anchor Down?
Anchor Down is a way to raise your hand NOW to say, “I’m in,” by putting down a refundable deposit of $199 before we even go on sale!

Your deposit will be stored in your profile and will apply toward your reservation on The Rock Boat XVIII. More details (oh . . . you want to know about bands?) including your earliest booking time for the pre-sale will be sent via email within the next few months.

What is the advantage of Anchor Down?
Each guest who puts down a $199 Anchor Down deposit before 11:59pm ET on March 1st, 2017 will receive an exclusive TRB XVIII T-shirt to wear all year! Anchoring down will not change your booking order for the TRB XVIII pre-sale, but guests who anchor down will have the money set aside and ready to go when it is their turn to book!

How do I Anchor Down?
Log in below and submit your payment!

Will I lose my alumni status if I do not Anchor Down?
No, you will retain your alumni status and booking order will be determined using the same process as this year.

Things to Note:

  • Anchoring Down with a deposit does NOT mean you are booked on the cruise. You must still place your reservation by booking a cabin during the pre-sale in order to guarantee your spot. 
  • Your $199 deposit is 100% refundable should you choose not to place a reservation. Any deposit not applied toward a reservation will be refunded back to your original card after June 10th, 2017.
  • A $199 deposit is required for EACH guest that wishes to receive an Anchor Down t-shirt.
  • This deposit is not transferable to another guest.




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