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For the first time in Sixthman history, we’ll be bringing you news and exciting content in a brand new way!  Alongside our blogs and newsletters, you can now get your music fix with Sixthman Podcasts! Every few weeks, members of the Sixthman team will sit down and take you through our lives here in the office. We’ll answer guest-submitted questions, showcase our interviews with Sixthman artists, and bring you content never heard before.  Who knows, we might even hook up lucky listeners with some Sixthman swag!

Our podcasts will be available both here on the website and on iTunes soon, making it easy for you to listen while on the go.  Just download them to your iPod and then listen on your drive to work, as you exercise or on your airplane ride down to one of our events!

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Sixthman Podcast 36 (9/18/09) - For the final podcast of the season, Steve sits down with Sixthman owner Andy Levine to discuss the past, present, and future of the Podcasts and Sixthman TV.  Andy also shares a few stories about the office, the Grand Ole Opry, and Lauren’s birthday.  For our music segment, The Lovell Sisters were nice enough to stop by the office and perform their song, “Time to Grow.” 

Sixthman Podcast 35 (9/10/09) - Steve and Ashley interview Doug Gray of Marshall Tucker Band on Simple Man Cruise 2009.  After the interview and performance, Steve and Lauren discuss the (now sold out) Kid Rock Cruise, Sixthman Lake Day, Fantasy Football, and a reminder to Rock Boat guests about their favorite TRB memories.

Sixthman Podcast 34 (9/03/09) - Steve and Ashley sit down to interview musician Justin Nozuka on the Mayercraft Carrier – after the interview, he performs “Bitter” in our onboard studio.  Afterward, Steve and Jill Mac talk about a returning favorite on Simple Man Cruise 2009, the incredible sales of Kid Rock’s Chillin the Most Cruise, and our call to action for Rock Boat Alumni

Sixthman Podcast 33 (8/27/09) - On this week’s podcast, we venture back to Cayamo 2009 where Steve interviewed Glen Phillips who then performed “You Will Always Have My Love.”  Afterward, Lauren and Mike talk about Mike’s big proposal weekend (no grizzly bears were involved), and then run down how you can be involved in the pre-sale of our latest cruise – Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise!

Sixthman Podcast 32 (8/20/09) - Steve and Andy sit down with Ed Roland of Collective Soul on Cayamo 2009 to discuss his experiences on the cruise, his plans for Collective Soul’s new album which comes out next week, and his major influences in the earlier years of the band.  Andy then suckers Steve into playing guitar while Ed sings ‘December.’  After the interview and performance, Steve and Lauren talk about Lauren’s trip to Elvis Week and some exciting developments that we can’t quite take the lid off yet.

Sixthman Podcast 31 (8/14/09) - Steve sits down with Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel at Sixthman HQ to discuss their new album, their upcoming tour, and the story about how the Rock Boat all began.  We then jump back to an exclusive performance from Sister Hazel on The Rock Boat IX, followed by some upcoming events and news from Sixthman team members Lauren and April.

Sixthman Podcast 30 (8/06/09) - Steve and Melissa sit down with Aslyn on Cayamo 2009 for an interview and performance of her song, “Me and You and Daisies.”  After Aslyn, Steve and Barb discuss the TRB X People’s Choice Winner, a new band added to The Rock Boat X, a new artist for Cayamo 2010, and also Barb’s role in the company these days.

Sixthman Podcast 29 (7/29/09) - In this week’s podcast, Steve and Barb interview Taylor, Isaac, and Zac from Hanson on the Rock Boat IX, followed by their great in-studio performance of “The Great Divide.”  After the song and interview, Steve and Sonia discuss VH1 Best Cruise Ever, Sonia’s rock star history with Cowboy Mouth, her job at Sixthman, her current band, and her music video that took the country by storm overnight.

Sixthman Podcast 28 (7/22/09) -  This week on the Sixthman podcast, Lauren and Steve chat with Michael Tolcher at Sixthman HQ, and then Tolcher plays his song, “Speed Feels Better.” Afterward, Lauren welcomes Jill Mac as her co-host as they chat about Best Cruise Ever and The Elvis Cruise and then interview Day in the Life contest winner, Tara, about her adventures in the Sixthman office.

Sixthman Podcast 27 (7/15/09) - Sixthman team members Steve and Melissa take over this week’s edition of the podcast.  We kick things off with an interview with the Zac Brown Band followed by their in-studio performance of “Tell Lorrie I Love Her.”  Then, we discuss our brand new cruise, VH1 Best Cruise Ever, and talk about an exciting new band joining us on The Rock Boat X. 

Sixthman Podcast 26 (7/08/09) - This week, Lauren steals the spotlight from Steve and somehow persuades Pam to co-host (even though she said she never would).  The focus this week is the SOLD OUT Rock Boat, with an interview and performance by Graham Colton on TRB IX, artist news for TRB X, and a story from Pam about how people are talking about The Rock Boat all around the world.

Sixthman Podcast 25 (7/01/09) - Sixthman kicks things off by highlighting an interview and performance from Over the Rhine on Cayamo 2009.  Following the interview, Sixthman team members Steve and Ashley discuss some exciting new announcements: Sixthman TV, the launch of the new Sixthman message boards, and a plan to get more Sixthman people involved in the podcast.

Sixthman Podcast 24 (6/23/09) - Sixthman is gearing up for new events and special projects to announce, but unfortunately we can’t discuss them quite yet.  To make up for the lack of news, we’re bringing you an exclusive interview with Brandi Carlile from Cayamo 2009, followed by her incredible performance of “Turpentine” while on the ship.  This is a must listen!

Sixthman Podcast 23 (6/16/09) - Steve and Lauren discuss artist announcements on Simple Man Cruise 2010 and TRB X, then sit down to interview Katie Herzig and her bandmates Jordan and Claire who stopped by the Sixthman office while on tour.  After the interview, the girls perform “Songbird,” from Katie’s 2008 album, “Apple Tree.”

Sixthman Podcast 22 (6/09/09) - Lauren returns to the Sixthman podcast as she and Steve discuss their favorite Gaelic Storm and Oakhurst memories from past cruises, followed by an interview with Oakhurst and their performance from Simple Man Cruise 2009.

Sixthman Podcast 21 (6/02/09) - In this Elvis edition of the Sixthman Podcast, Steve interviews Kevin Kearn, director of public relations for Elvis Presley Enterprises and Jerry Schilling, one of Elvis’s best friends growing up.

Sixthman Podcast 20 (5/26/09) - Steve and Lauren recall their adventures last week in Augusta with eight TRB artists for the 2nd annual Sixthman Sessions.  They then highlight a medley of the 12 songs recorded in just 48 hours by those artists.  Following the songs, they talk about the company’s mission to bring guests into the office to help provide suggestions on how to improve all experiences before, during, and after Sixthman events.

Sixthman Podcast 19 (5/19/09) - In this latest podcast, Steve and Lauren talk about the 2nd annual Sixthman Sessions currently taking place in Augusta, GA.  Following the discussion, we highlight an interview and performance with Carbon Leaf who has a new album, Nothing Rhymes With Woman, releasing today.  After the interview, Steve and Lauren answer a question from the Podcast Mailbag concerning a possible Mayercraft Carrier 3.

Sixthman Podcast 18 (5/12/09) - In this week’s Sixthman Podcast, Lauren and Steve announce another Rock Boat X addition, discuss the fifth headliner on Cayamo 2010 and the reason for the port change from Roatan to Belize City, and highlight an interview with Jupiter Coyote from Simple Man Cruise 2009.  Following the interview and performance, Sixthman reaches out and asks for your help in improving our blog and podcast!

Sixthman Podcast 17 (5/5/09) - For the first time in Sixthman history, we have an up close and personal interview and performance recorded right in the Sixthman Office! Join Steve and Lauren as they discuss new artist announcements on Simple Man Cruise and The Rock Boat X. Following the news, they sit down with Edie Carey and talk about her experiences on Cayamo 2009 and excitement for 2010. Edie then performs a song for our whole team. Talk about a good day at work!

Sixthman Podcast 16 (4/28/09) - Steve and Lauren discuss two new artists on the Rock Boat, an exclusive announcement of an artist on Cayamo 2010, and the special Sixthman events taking place the week of May 17th.  Following the discussion, we highlight an interview of Don and Donnie from 38 Special talking about their experiences and sharing some old stories while on Simple Man Cruise 2009.

Sixthman Podcast 15 (4/21/09) - Sixthman team members Lauren and Steve talk about their favorite memories from last week’s retreat, discuss new performers added to our 2010 events, explain the Sixthman Wikipedia project, and highlight an interview with the guys from Wideawake.  Following a song from the band, Steve and Lauren talk about some new updates on the Elvis Cruise taking place this fall.

Sixthman Podcast 14 (4/14/09) - In this super long edition of the Sixthman Podcast, Steve and Lauren talk through what’s going on in their lives, bands announced on Simple Man Cruise and Cayamo 2010, putting Sixthman on Wikipedia, and the sell-out status of Rock Boat X.  Next, Steve and Ashley sit down the Alternate Routes, their tool box, and an accoustic performance of “The Future’s Nothing New.”

Sixthman Podcast 13 (4/7/09) Steve and Lauren come to you from the Mayercraft Carrier 2 on the last night of the event.  They discuss events on the ship, activities coming up, and reach way back to January 2009 to talk about Pat McGee and Simple Man Cruise 2009.  Pat sits down with Andy and Steve, then performs a song that was written at the Sixthman Sessions in the Summer of 2008.

Podcast 12 - (3/24/09) Steve and Lauren talk about Sixthman’s first trip to the West Coast, the challenges that go along with it, One Splendid Evening, and what they’re looking forward to on the Mayercraft Carrier 2.  Later on, we highlight an interview with Steve and Andy who sat down Blackberry Smoke on Simple Man Cruise 2009.

Podcast 11 - (3/17/09) Steve and Lauren from Sixthman talk about their first phone calls with guests on the Elvis Cruise and their favorite performers on Cayamo 2009.  Next, they sit down and interview Cayamo artist Tift Merritt who then performs a song for the podcast.

Podcast 10 - (3/10/09) In this 10th podcast, Steve and Lauren discuss their favorite moments on Cayamo 2009 and the exciting announcement of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man Cruise 2010.  Later on, Andy and Steve sit down with Marc Broussard and his dad Ted who discuss Rock Boat memories, thoughts about their first Cayamo, and end with an acoustic performance of “Saying I Love You.”

Podcast 9 - (3/3/09) Steve and Lauren come to you live from Cayamo 2009, discussing this year’s event and what we’ve experienced thus far.  We also talk about a brand new event that will take place this fall, followed by an interview and performance with the multi-talented David Ryan Harris who was on Rock Boat 9, is currently on Cayamo 2009, and will be on the Mayercraft Carrier 2 in three weeks.

Podcast 8 - (2/24/09) Steve and Lauren discuss Marc Broussard’s confirmation as a performer on The Rock Boat X, their favorite Cayamo 2008 memories, and what they’re looking forward to the most on Cayamo 2009.  We also have an interview from the Rock Boat 9 with Jeff, Dan, and Emerson of Tonic and clips of their lido deck performance leaving Nassau.

Podcast 7 - (2/17/09) Steve and Andy of Sixthman sit down and talk about the Sixthman Blog, our Day in the Life Contest Winner, and their favorite moments from Simple Man Cruise 2009.  We also have an exclusive interview with Bobby Ingram from Molly Hatchet followed by a segment of their performance on Simple Man Cruise 2009.  Following the interview, Andy discusses the most recent news regarding a possible Simple Man Cruise in 2010.

Podcast 6 - (2/10/09) This week on the Sixthman Podcast, we talk about the Mayercraft Carrier, One Splendid Evening, Rock Boat IX memories, Rock Boat X announcements, and an exclusive interview and song with Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers.

Podcast 5 - (10/13/08) Sixthman team members Steve, Lauren, and Barb talk about all things Sixthman!  Tune in as they talk about the exciting announcement of Kids in the Hall on Ships and Dip, how terrible Steve's Fantasy Football team is, and what's new in the world of Sixthman.

Podcast 4 - (9/12/08) Steve and Lauren meet with Carla, Sixthman's ticketing manager, to talk about her crazy life up until joining the team. 
Topics include Sixthman Lake Day, Supermarket Sweep, the Good Son, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, and Shootin' the Hooch.  Start listening now!

Podcast 3 - (8/05/08) SXM employees Steve,Lauren, and special guest Ashley take you through what's new in the world of Sixthman.  Hear a clip from an unreleased song of Emerson Hart's in his exclusive unplugged performance in Atlanta, special clips from the Sixthman Sessions in Augusta, GA, and each host's desert island song.  Even "Monkey Butlers" make an appearance!  What the heck does that mean?  Listen and find out!

Podcast 2 - (7/25/08) Recorded live from the Bluff Plantations in Augusta, GA, Steve and Andy of Sixthman sit down with Stephen Kellogg, Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel, and Pat McGee to discuss their experiences with the Sixthman Sessions.  All three artists discuss their writing styles, how each song came together, and have a really good time doing so.  A special live performance of "Peaches," a song concepted, written, and recorded at the Bluffs, closes out the podcast.

Podcast 1 - (7/15/08)
In this first ever Sixthman Podcast, Sixthman employees Lauren, Steve, and Kelly discuss all things related to Sixthman.  Each host tells their unique story how they found the company, their role in the company now, and what life is like on a daily basis in the office.  They discuss upcoming events and news related to Sixthman and the music cruise industry.