Andrea "Fun" Avila Wei

Queen of Christmas Day 2012

Job Title? Bisque Pusher

Nickname? Dre

Where are you from? Albany, GA

What is something you love doing, even though you’re terrible at it? Dancing
What was the one thing you always wanted to be growing up? Backup singer for an R&B group

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? I already have a superhuman nose. I can smell the faintest of smells. I get nostalgic when I get a whiff of certain things. But if I could have a different superhero power, I would be Linguist Lady and speak every possible language.

Tell us something someone would be surprised to learn about you. I used to get my name on the board EVERY day in elementary school for talking too much.  I was also sent to the principle’s office several times. Oh, and I met Prince once.

Favorite music event you've been to? Radiohead in San Sebastian, Spain, July 2002